Just Start: Given To Our Hands (Dawn, 2010-10-17)

October 17, 2010

Looking for something more, something beyond yourself? Looking for God? What if in our efforts to find that elusive 'something more', we're overlooking the most obvious places of all. What if, in a sense, we're breathing God, walking on God, and eating and drinking God? What if the tree-huggers among us (maybe even you?) have always known about this 'something' that the rest of us are just trying to figure out.

While I don't think a tree is God, there is something about a tree that makes it worth hugging. And there is something about a tree (and dirt and water and air and...) that makes it worth a great sacrifice, even beyond the time when 'going green' is in vogue. Let's figure out together how we can live 'green' in and out of season.