Saints… turn into martyrs (Greg, 2010-11-14)

November 14, 2010

And you know what that means; they end up dying because of what they believe. Admirable, I'm sure, but not exactly the career path I've always looked forward to. But is this 'saintly characteristic' just about dying? Or is it about the willingness to live for something bigger than your own survival? That makes sense to me, because while I hope to never have to die for anything, I sure hope I have the courage to live for something.


Saints… do miracles (Peter, 2010-11-07)

November 7, 2010

There are some pretty amazing (and some pretty hard to believe) stories that come from the legends and tales of those who've become known among the saints. But God still works through the hearts and hands of people like you and me to accomplish some truly amazing things. Let's spend some time together and consider how to add the title "Miracle Worker" after the name on your business card.