(No Audio) Pause, Listen, Learn

July 11, 2011

One of our Core Values is ‘relevance, creativity and innovation in accomplishing our mission.’ That means we do what we need to do to be the church God called us to be. Here's the problem, keeping the wheels of daily tasks turning squeezes out the time we need to figure out what we could be/should be doing - that's true whether you are staff or not. So as we approach our 5th birthday, rather than just repeating last month this month, because that’s what you do, we are going to pause from the routine, listen for what’s next and learn from it. That’s July 2011 – as an entire community here is what we are about: PAUSE LISTEN LEARN. Busy-ness will take a backseat to deliberateness.

Here’s what it means – on Sunday, July 3 we gathered at Minnehaha Falls as an entire community to launch our month of Pause Listen Learn.

Sundays (July 10, 17, 24, 31) we’ll be visiting other churches in groups. We aren’t doing our own services so we can rest those muscles and free that time to listen and learn. We are listening to God. We are listening to the community by visiting other organizations and events. We are doing a lot of listening to people within our Jacob’s Well community. We are listening to Jacob’s Well folks who ‘aren’t here yet.’ We are also just going to spend time together.

Be part of this vital experiment. Pray for our journey.

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