It’s not easy being a guy: Born for Adventure, or Determined to Conquer

October 27, 2013

Another part of being a guy that is great, but causes a lot of trouble, is their sense of adventure. It’s about exploring, experimenting, discovering, inventing and creating. What it’s not about is conquering. Conquering kills the adventure. God wants to call each of us on an adventure that takes all the skill, innovation, determination and strength we can muster, and it isn’t supposed to end. Let’s learn what God shows us about responding to that drive for adventure.


It’s not easy being a guy: Nice is dangerous. Dangerous is nice.

October 20, 2013

Telling a man that he should be dangerous is dangerous. Telling a man to never be dangerous is dangerous in another way. Whether we like it or not, we live with the danger of men being dangerous. As people who honor what God has planted deep in our hearts, we need to both celebrate and warn each other of this wonder within our men or they will never be who they were born to be. Folks, this is hard stuff. It’s lifetime stuff. It’s time to look and wrestle with what we find.


It’s not easy being a guy: Just Tell Me What is Expected of Me!

October 13, 2013

It’s true, not everyone here is a guy, in fact most of you aren’t, so why this topic? Exactly! Where are the guys? A church, even like Jacob’s Well, isn’t made up equally of men and women for a reason. Maybe the church hasn’t truly spoken to men. There is stuff we need to figure out together to be better men. Not more macho, not better providers, not nicer and better domesticated… just better people who happen to make up half of God’s people called “men”. It’s time to talk.