January 26: Life in 3D - Living

January 26, 2014

 God invites you to put on those 3D glasses and be inspired by seeing things your way plus God’s way. God is betting that inspiration will make you grow into a different person. But it doesn’t end there. God is interested in your growth because God has big plans for the rest of the world. And guess what… you’re it! 3D isn’t just a realization or an identity; God wants you to touch the lives of others and all of creation in a deep and full and real way. 3D living.


January 19: Life in 3D - Growing

January 23, 2014

God doesn’t inspire you so that you’ve got a new, cool idea. God inspires you to change you; to make you 3D. That means growing! Growing is good, but just like those growing pains you had in your body as a kid, growing in your being stretches you in ways that hurt. Growing makes you bigger, deeper, fuller – 3D. If it hurts a bit, or quite a bit, to be that way... but it’s worth it. We'll take an honest and real look at what this growing stuff is all about.


January 12: Life In 3D - Inspired!

January 12, 2014

 The main difference between 2D and 3D is that one is flat and the other is filled up. Your life needs to be more than full of stuff like money, fun, excitement, power and fame, it needs to be fulfilled. That’s what God does. God breathes life into us to make us matter, to give us significance, to make us part of something bigger than ourselves. Join us January 12 as we look at how that happens and what a God-filled, God-inspired life looks like.


January 5: Life in 3D

January 5, 2014

3D in theaters is an optical illusion to make things look more real.  3D in life is the way that it actually is.  3D is real life, not just a 2D version of life that passes time, occupies space, and busies itself with tasks that don't matter.  Like a movie, a 3D life is made differently -- it happens when God's view of the world interrupts and expands our human view.  Today we'll explore how a 2D life moves to 3D, and how engaging the Bible (using S.O.A.P.) may be one way God's vision expands our own.