February 23: “So what do YOU think?” (What Jesus Said and you wish he hadn’t)

February 23, 2014

 One of the things most people don’t like about Jesus is that he didn’t just say what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. There were people in Jesus’ day who needed to decide whether they were going to open up to what God was doing, or just keep running the show themselves, and Jesus let them have it. 2000 years hasn’t changed that much. Let’s listen to a couple tough things Jesus said and try them on for size. If the shoe fits, well… wanna wear it?


February 9: “Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re in!” (What Jesus Said, and you wish he hadn’t)

February 9, 2014

Remember being 9 years old, lined up with all the other kids on the baseline while the two captains alternated picking who they wanted on their team. Hope ebbed as the line thinned and you were still standing there. What Jesus said painted a very different picture of life. It’s nice to be chosen, but Jesus doesn’t only want you to know he chose you, he wants you to be same kind of chooser. Let’s dig into what God’s world of “Everyone’s In!” is all about.


February 2: Reprise

February 2, 2014

God has teamed up with you to give you a 3D view of the world. So you get inspired, you grow and you live it. Phew, done! Well, not quite. This isn’t a 3-step project, this is life’s on-going process. Like lungs or hearts that don’t quit pumping, being 3D is what we do. As a community growing closer to God together, this is a good time to hear each other’s’ stories of taking on the 3D life. A little encouragement, some perspective, and a few fresh ideas are always helpful.