June 29 - Do God and Church Matter?

June 29, 2014

 Something we’ve noticed in the nearly eight year life of Jacob’s Well it is that those Jacob’s Wellers who aren’t here yet have moved along the continuum from being unengaged to uninterested. You may have experienced this, finding it harder and harder to share your enthusiasm for a life that includes God and your  connection with this community, Jacob’s Well. Does that mean God and church don’t matter? And if they do, how, when and why would we share it? It’s time to sort out our thinking and to find ways to talk about what really matters.


Mending What’s Torn - wk 3 - Granting Forgiveness

June 10, 2014

You’ve been in the situation of forgiving someone for what they did. There were times when you were happy to, then there were the other times. How can you forgive someone who hurt you so badly? How can you forgive someone who won’t acknowledge there is anything to be forgiven? And why should you? There is almost nothing easy about forgiveness, but there is something really important about it. Not because it is a rule, but because it provides something you need. Let’s talk about it. 


Mending What’s Torn - Wk 2 - Asking for Forgiveness

June 1, 2014

If the three most important words in the English language are “I love you,” the three most difficult words are undoubtedly, “I am sorry.” It is so hard to say those words out loud that when we do, we think everything should be okay, but it’s not. When is the last time you asked for forgiveness? When is the last time you should have, but didn’t? Asking for forgiveness isn’t easy or automatic, but if we want to mend what’s torn, it’s the place to start. Practice your “I’m sorry’s” this week and we’ll see you next Sunday.