GODFLIX: Secret Life of Walter Mitty 8/24/14

August 28, 2014

Walter Mitty is a dreamer, but the problem is his dreams are locked in the prison of his mind - they never see the light of day. Then everything changes when Walter begins to take the risks necessary to make dreams reality. We've all got dreams. God has dreams for us, too. What if, together, we start taking the risks to make those dreams reality? Adventure awaits! 


GODFLIX: Lego Movie 8/17/14

August 18, 2014

One of the biggest hits of this year, The Lego Movie is the most special, most interesting, most extraordinary movie ever made...about Legos. Actually, this hilarious movie is much more than a crowd-pleaser for kids and adults.  It's like a Brave New World meets The Matrix meets Toy Story.  In this message we'll be exploring some of the surprisingly deep questions the movie raises about our roles on earth and the blurry line between ordinary people and extraordinary lives. You just might leave feeling like everything is awesome.   


GODFLIX: 20 Feet From Stardom 8/10/14

August 10, 2014

This year's Academy Award winner for Best Documentary(20 Feet from Stardom) offers a glimpse into the lives and careers of a small group of backup singers whose voices have been the key ingredient to countless chart-topping songs over the past 50 years, yet they have all remained mostly unknown by anyone outside of the music industry. This compelling film explores themes of talent, pride, race, gender, humility and fame. It's available at Redbox and on Netflix, so you really don't have an excuse to not watch it before August 10th when Andy Jolivette comes to discuss it at Jacob's Well.   Join others to watch 20 Feet from Stardom...


GODFLIX: 12 Years A Slave 8/3/14

August 3, 2014

Winner of the Academy Award for best picture, 12 Years a Slave is not only a great film, it’s an important film. If only it was only about history... This true story of Solomon Northup in the slavery days of our country helps us look at the ways our attitudes still enslave people and the strength of hope, dignity and perseverance that escaping it requires.