ROPE: Growth Matters 10/26/14

October 27, 2014
Mike Rusert talked about growth as an element of ROPE.
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ROPE: God Shows Up 10/19/14

October 20, 2014

Through stories, experiences, and reflections shared as a community, Mike Rusert led us as we began our exploration of the "God strand" of ROPE.  Click here for more information about ROPE!


ROPE Overview 10/12/14

October 15, 2014
Greg Meyer & Heidi Esposito

Whether you think your life is shambles or you’re doing pretty well, I doubt you hope you’ve reached the top and will never grow anymore. We all want to grow, God hopes we will grow, the world needs us to grow, but it doesn’t always happen. Opportunities come and we miss them, or we seize them only for the moment and let them slip into the past. Jacob’s Well is sort of like a big family of people who can help each other find those special moments, transitions and possibilities that we might miss or dismiss and hang on to them. It’s good for all of us. It’s ROPE.