Grits & Grace 11/16/14

November 17, 2014

Jesus was a storyteller. These stories are usually referred to as parables, which is just a churchy word for story with a message, and although the tales he told present powerful stories of God’s love and grace, they are also filled with complexity and nuance, which is probably why we continue to read and discuss them today. Andy Jolivette is here with us today to look at one of Jesus’ best-known parables, The Prodigal Son and His Brother. 


ROPE: Celebrating ROPE 11/09/14

November 10, 2014

Celebrating ROPE One of the things we say around Jacob's Well is that it’s a sin for church to be boring. Okay, we all sin once and a while… but it isn’t just a matter of Sunday morning being entertaining (or not), but that this God stuff is fun. Sure, not all the time, there is tough stuff in life, but we’re in it because it makes life better. Today we are going to stop and celebrate by hearing some ROPE stories of people from our own community who have been weaving and knotting. Be inspired and reminded of your own ROPE stories.


ROPE: Weaving & Being Woven 11/02/14

November 2, 2014

The thing about ROPE is that we don’t each have our own nice, neat and tidy one. We weave and are woven into each other’s rope and all share God in ours. It’s a tangle. So we aren’t a world of seven billion individual ropes, but a complicated tapestry capable of extraordinary strength and beauty. It’s simplicity and completeness is very different from our simplistic and limited way of putting life together. So step back, way back, with us next Sunday and see God’s view of the fabric we weave and are woven into.