Christmas Eve 2014

December 26, 2014

So how could an invisible, un-touchable God become real to us?  Here's what Mike had to say about it!


So This Is Xmas: Want The Unwanted 12/21/2014

December 22, 2014

It's interesting that all these nativity scenes appear in people's front yards this time of year.  Stables are smelly, dirty, messy places - something you hide in the back with the rest of the unwanteds of our lives, of our society, of ourselves... But what if it is the hidden and unwanted in our lives where God's love chooses to be born? What can God move from our back yards into the front?  

What's even more interesting is that God chooses to be born into that mess.


So This Is Xmas: Speak The Unspoken 12/14/14

December 16, 2014

There is power in naming what has been unknown, in speaking what hasn’t been heard. God wants to be known. God wants the good news to be reality. That means putting words to the silence and telling a different story than the usual one on the news or at the water cooler. It’s a crazy idea, but what if we told the story of God at work in our world so that the Christmas story became the Christmas reality: God present and part of the extraordinary and the ordinary of life.


So This Is Xmas: Possible Impossibilities 12/7/14

December 7, 2014

 “For with God nothing will be impossible” has to be one of the most troublesome lines in the Bible, and here it is in next week’s pre-Christmas story. What is impossible that you want to be possible? What can’t seem to get birthed that you wish could? Well, God is thinking the same thing and scheming. You can count on it being a surprise because God has very different ways of making the impossible possible, and you’ll find yourself saying, “So THIS is Christmas!?!?”


So This Is Xmas: Expect the Unexpected 11/30/2014

December 1, 2014

Expect the Unexpected: Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday, and now December is knocking on the door... Are you stuffed? Life can be filled to overwhelming this time of year, and it's often a mix of good (e.g., celebrations, gift-giving, and family) and not so good (e.g., loneliness, stress, and family!). In all the busy-ness, God poses the question, are you interruptible? Is there room in your life to receive and to give the gift of love this Xmas? Let's prepare some room for those interruptions together!