This Is Your Life - Week 3 - 01.25.2015

January 26, 2015

THIS IS YOUR HOPE: All of us have stuff in our lives that needs to be fixed. We always have. We always will, and that's okay. This sounds a little Stuart Smalley, but it's true. Healing is as necessary to our lives as the air we breathe. So, how does healing become a reality for us, and what does God have to do with it all?


This Is Your Life - Week 2 - 01.18.2015

January 18, 2015

THIS IS YOUR NOW: People build lives on all sorts of things. Some things work better than others. One thing that every life that truly matters is built on is honesty. We’re talking real deep self-honesty; knowing who you are (and aren’t) and facing it. Can you put guilt, pride, embarrassment, delusions, denial and shame aside to discover your ‘now’? Or are you going to build a life on what doesn’t actually exist? Guess which God votes for? Thanks for listening to this podcast as we dig a lot deeper into what your now is all about.


This Is Your Life - Week 1 - 01.11.2015

January 12, 2015

This is your why: Last week (Jan 4) we talked about what you want 2015 to be about. This week we will stretch to what you want your life to be about. What are you about? What is your purpose? God wants you to know that your life is a valuable commodity not to be wasted, but also that forgiveness and love based on the pure you-ness of you is there for a reason. Getting a grip on your 'why' is a good place to start thinking about this life of yours. Thanks for listening!

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What Will 2015 Be About For You?

January 4, 2015

Every New Year is a new start, unfortunately it is typically another shot at the same problem with similar chances of success as last year. You might push a little longer or harder, but the inertia of what isn’t working eventually prevails.That’s depressing! Ok, we have little interest in formulas for successful New Year resolutions, but we are interested in who we are and what we are really about. God has some insights on this too. So… see you next year!