Incurably Passionate About Life Con Carne - 07.26.2015

July 27, 2015

Entrances to holiness are everywhere and all the time – even in our own bodies. As a pastor, yoga therapist and a bunch of other things that bridge mind and body, Stephanie Vos is passionate about making that happen. She’ll help us explore how our understanding of God helps us love the bodies we live in, and how our amazing bodies can help us connect to our deepest wisest selves.

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Incurably Passionate about Integrity - 07.19.2015

July 19, 2015

The idea that our lives should revolve around just one thing is an illusion, life is too complicated for that, but that everything should be part of a larger picture is essential. Integrity says that all things tie together, somewhere deep, somewhere meaningful, even if you never quite get there. You’ve felt this – the angst when it doesn’t, the peace when it does. I’m incurably passionate about finding integrity for myself, leading others towards it, and discovering it in the world around us. Let’s look deeper.  ~Greg Meyer

For the video shown during the message of the self-destructing washing machine click HERE.
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Incurably Passionate about the Environment - 07.09.2015

July 15, 2015

It’s a big and beautiful world, and every part of it has a song to sing figuratively and literally. Through experience, story, and science, we as human beings are learning about how our actions add to the harmony or the discord of creation’s symphony. How do we live in a way that allows for all of the earth to live well? What might God have to say about it? We’re glad you’re here to question, act, and sing with us! ~Mike Rusert

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