Because It Hurts 4: Race - 09.27.2015

September 28, 2015

Because it Hurts: Race  Issues of race are as old as humanity. There may have been some good old days when they didn’t seem so ‘troublesome’ but probably only because there was enough geographic isolation or physical suppression to make it seem that way. Today there is great pain in our inter-racial, inter-ethnic relationships and that’s not all bad, in fact it’s about time. Let’s dare to dig into this pain and figure out how we can move out of our comfort and danger zones and create a growth zone together. With Greg Meyer & Tracy Byrd.


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Because it Hurts 3: Money - 09.20.2015

September 21, 2015

Because it Hurts: Money How is it that the paper and metal with the dead presidents on them or the small plastic cards and the 1s and 0s they represent in some computer bank account can be the source of so many problems and pain in our lives? Money, whether you have none or a ton, can hurt – it can control us, disrupt us, and destruct us, but it doesn’t have to… Jesus talked about money all the time, not because he needed it for a jet, but because he knew that the people around him needed help with how they have a healthy relationship with it. Makes sense that we’d do the same as church together.


Because It Hurts 2: Love - 09.13.2015

September 14, 2015

Because It Hurts: Love Yes, love hurts, but that’s no reason to run from it. In fact, the power of love that can make it so painful is what gives it so much potential too. Let’s take a look at what’s so hard about love, how we react that doesn’t help, and what we can do that will never take all the hurt out of love, but helps us be healthy and grow despite and because of it. Pastors Stephanie Vos and Greg Meyer lead the discussion with texts from the community helping guide the way.

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Because It Hurts 1: Work - 09.06.2015

September 6, 2015

Because It Hurts - Work   There are people who will tell you that the only thing separating you from a life of joy and fulfillment is to turn your life over to God.  Don't believe them.  We aren't Jacob's Well to get the secret sauce so life will be all roses and rainbows, but because we know thorns and thunderstorms are part of the real deal.  And we are people living for the real deal.  Thanks for venturing into some tough AND life giving conversations these four weeks.  It's a You and God and Us journey.

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Godflix 4: Into the Woods - 08.30.2015

September 1, 2015

Into the Woods - Like it or not, life is going to take you there… into the woods, that is. Much of life happens there, much of who you are is created there; in that place of fascination, fear and definitely out of your control. This Sondheim musical, adapted for the screen and chock full of stars, mashes four of your favorite childhood fairy tales into one story that reveals a lot of truth about life. It also sounds a lot like what God is trying to show us. So take a walk into the woods with us. It’s okay. You’re never alone!

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