Easter 2016 - Love that won’t be stopped

March 31, 2016

What if  the world was really all about what your heart hoped, not what your head feared? What if the clenched fist mobs on Good Friday were the delusional ones and the bewildered, wide-eyed people on Easter were those who saw things like they really are? This Easter we invite you to experience an alternative vision of the world that is as familiar to your soul as it is ancient in its origin –and, by the way, its about a love that will not be stopped. WARNING: This is disruptive to the status quo. The message was in two parts by Stephanie Vos and Greg Meyer.


What’s the activity I can hear going on during the message? What you hear is yarn from dozens of skeins attached to the cross being pulled out and handed to people in the front rows and then continue to be pulled further and further until they reached the back rows and connecting everyone cross. The room was becoming more and more of a web of yarn. No spoiler here: It's explained at the end. 

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In Love - 6: In the Fire (Speaking Notes - no audio)

March 21, 2016

Sorry, we had a recording glitch so we don't have an audio from Sunday. Here is a transcription of sorts in consolation... Thanks for listening to our podcasts, we'll be back on track next week!

In Love - week 6 "In the Fire" Easter is a week away. The nearest event is Good Friday - Jesus’ death. People have interpreted that event in terms of sacrifice and payment, but what about hope? What about Good Friday speaks about God's hope for us? What does your hope for the people you love call you to do? Let's talk about it.
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In Love - 5: In the Well

March 13, 2016

Look over the edge, deep into the well and what do you see? Your reflection. Look deep into forgiveness and what do you see? Yourself. Forgiveness in a relationship is not fixing or letting someone off the hook. It’s about you and your heart and what it means for you to love even when it’s not lovely. Forgiveness is hard and worth spending some time on.


In Love - 4: In the Tree

March 6, 2016

In the Tree (Mar 6): You were made to be awesome! It’s the truth! No more apologizing for what makes you great. When we truly learn how to value ourselves and see the value in others, we become people who light up the world and invite others to do the same. It’s time to claim your brilliance!

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