Boxes: Making Life Miserable - On Purpose

July 18, 2017

Hopefully you aren't listening with the hopes of us making you feel all better, because Charles Carlson doesn’t do that. A Jacob’s Well-er and Metro Transit Sr Mgr, Charles is helping plan the four year chaos of I-35W, Minnesota’s busiest highway and right in our neighborhood. He joins Greg to fill us in on what we won’t be able to do in our cars for years, and to nudge us to look at our own lives and why we would choose disruption to accomplish something important. And what we can do to not just survive, but thrive through it.

Images of the Menti WordClouds are below:

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MENTI WordCloud BEFORE:Menti-BEFORE-Boxes_CharlesCarlson.jpg 

 MENTI WordCloud AFTER:Menti-AFTER-Boxes_CharlesCarlson.jpg


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