Together: Avoiding I.E.D.’s (Greg, 2011-01-30)

January 30, 2011

Have you ever noticed that you can be your own worst enemy in your relationships? We plant these landmines (Improvised Explosive Devices) all over and then go prancing around through them. And we are surprised our relationships blow up all around us… why?!? This week is going to be some very straight talk about things that we probably would all say are wrong, but let slip by. If you want to find the kind of fulfillment in your relationships that God is setting you up for, and don’t want to spend your life in relational triage, this is an important message for you.


Together: Refuse to Cruise (Peter, 2011-01-23)

January 23, 2011

Albatrosses may be able to endlessly cruise ocean air currents, but you’re not an albatross. You’re more like a jet airplane: if the engines aren’t working, you’re losing altitude. And so it goes with your relationships. If there’s no effort, you’re heading for a crash. Don’t let it happen. Your relationships make your world go ‘round. They are God’s gifts to you. In case you are thinking this sounds too much like work, well, it is. But it is the best kind of work you can get because it pays off in the best ways imaginable. Let’s do this together.


Together: Forks In The Road (Mike, Field 2011-01-16)

January 19, 2011

“Why did I do that @#!*&%?” If, like me, that is a regular part of your inner monologue because it just got you into a lot of trouble with someone, then knowing the forks in the road might be something that will make a lot of difference for you. There are a few decisions we need to make – right from the start – to keep doors open for ourselves and avoid filling our relationships with a lot of pain, worry and tension. These aren’t just smart, in fact most of them are pretty counter-intuitive, they make life together different.


Together: We Had No Idea (Greg Meyer, Field 2011-01-09)

January 16, 2011

It's amazing I have any close relationships left, I walked into most of them so unprepared. What, you too? So it's time for a little help. There's lots of advice out there, just check any grocery check out. What could a church add to this? Well, maybe that you aren't doing this alone. Living, working, playing together in satisfying and fulfilling ways doesn't start with you and your ability to get good at it. It is grounded in a deep, deep love that God has for you. You have the ability to dwell in a love that flows on from you. We mean it! And we do this together. Join a couple 100 people who are ready to quit pretending and putting up with what they've gotten out of their relationships to this point.