Grit: Grit & Bear It

September 25, 2013

Then there are the times... you know, when everything falls apart. You never saw this curveball coming and everything that you were so sure about before just doesn't work anymore. This isn't the kind of grit in which you just buckle down a little more, this is the kind of grit you hang on for life with. The kind you have to look beyond yourself for. That's why we are Jacob's Well together. 

Grit: Don’t Quit Now!

September 19, 2013

You made a commitment and you're really excited about it--at least for awhile. Then you hit that mile marker and it gets a little more challenging to stick to it. There was a reason you made the commitment. Do you remember? What happens when you remember the importance of your commitment and keep going? Abraham was tenacious in his commitments and he talked to God about it. Let's talk about it together this Sunday!

Grit: What It Takes To Finish

September 9, 2013

You won't want to miss this. We are celebrating our seven years as a church, we are re-affirming our home at Field (we're not moving - not yet anyway) and bringing back the well (remember Jacob's...) and we are kicking off 4 weeks of something we all need more of, GRIT (it's about that commitment-thing that is so important and yet so hard). So it's an historic week. Come celebrate, learn, laugh, sing and even cry a little with us!

That’s All You Got?

September 2, 2013

Minnehaha Falls Sept 1

Summer is ending and we're heading for fall. But first, let's celebrate one more time at Minnehaha Falls. Jacy Pelstring is leading the JW band. She's been with us before and has an amazing voice and reason to be on the journey of life with us. And besides the all-things-taco potluck we also get a chance to wind up the summer with one more message that deals with the real stuff of life that we need to get sorted out to head into the fall. So walk with your dog, ride your bike, push a stroller, bring a friend. Labor Day will be a great time to be Jacob's Well at the Falls!