The Everybody Comes Late Show Episode 5

December 29, 2015

Opening monologue, interviews, & closing from the Everybody Comes Late Show's 5th and final go! Highlights from the day included an interview with Aaron Hasnudeen from Catholic Charities, interview and demonstrations from resident germaphobe Katy Lesiak and the making of 3000 sandwiches by the Jacob's Well community.  Pretty good for a day of the Everybody Comes Late Show!


Christmas Eve 2015

December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve (December 24) – Making Room for Making Room

Through stories, songs, and thoughts from Greg Meyer, we engaged with the spirit of Christmas, and not just the glitter and tinsel, but the real stuff of Christmas!


The Everybody Comes Late Show: Episode 3 - Guest Sharon Day

December 17, 2015

Sharon Day, Ojibwe Elder, Director of the Univ of MN Indigenous People's Taskforce, and Mother Earth Water Walker ( was our guest on week 3 of The (everybody comes) Late Show. Listen to Sharon's story of seeing the bigger picture of our world and how we can take steps to bring healing and wholeness. Sharon does this through walking entire rivers and passing her people's respect and care for water to subsequent generations. 

Other resources from Sunday, including more segments from this gathering, can be found at

The Everybody Comes Late Show: Episode 3 - Greg’s Desk Piece

December 16, 2015

Each week we take a peek at some of headline news that stirs a reaction from us. This week Greg reflected on Jerry Falwell Jr's comments to the student body of Liberty University, of which he is president, about his violent response to the tragedy in San Bernardino. Greg shares about the Jacob's Well 'Reveal & Carry', not 'Conceal & Carry', classes we offer. There is also news from the Jacob's Well community. Listen in!

More resources, including the video of this segment, are available at

The Everybody Comes Late Show Episode 3: Interviews with Sharon Day and Sam Robertson

December 13, 2015

Guests Sharon Day, Ojibwe Elder and Mother Earth Water Walker who has walked the Mississippi from the gulf to Lake Superior praying for the waters every step of the way. And Sam Robertson, artist illustrating the entire King James Bible just because that’s what he does to quiet himself each day. Can you top that?


The Everybody Comes Late Show Episode 2: Interview with Yusuf Abdi

December 6, 2015

Stephanie Vos, this week's host for the Everybody Comes Late Show interviews Yusuf Abdi, a Somali immigrant to the US who has become the director of LSS Refugee Services in Minnesota letting us know what it’s like to be a Middle Eastern family looking for a place to stay in a new city.  

Yusef talked about what we can do. Here are links to more info on mentoring a family and making welcome kits: